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First reminiscence center in romania



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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

First reminiscence center in Romania

      Modern society makes us feel there is no time, place or need for elderly members of the communities. Many elderly people come to feel that they are no longer needed or interesting, that the new high-tech society totally rejects them and has no need of their knowledge.




  Long ago...






Such a conclusion can be a major depression and isolation factor. Nevertheless, the more we see that today's world grows into a chaotic and meaningless environment, the more we feel the natural impulse to come back to our cultural and historical roots. This is why preserving and learning about events of the past by direct interaction with the main characters of the past ages (the elderly) has very positive and motivating effect on the young generations, as well as on elderly individuals. During reminiscence sessions, the roles are inverted: from assisted, helpless patients, elderly individuals turn into educators and privileged owners of valuable information (their memories),






which they can share with the others. Besides, reminiscence activities offer them a chance to feel useful again, to regain their self-respect which is extremely important result for their psychical condition.







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