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What reminiscence is?


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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

Reminiscence centers


What reminiscence is and how to run a reminiscence group
Coordonating reminiscence sessions
Confidentiality and planning reminiscence sessions
Evaluating reminiscence sessions
Advantages for beneficiaries
Advantages for take-carers
Examples of themes



Examples of themes for various reminiscence meetings


    -Sundays during childhood
    -Anniversary dinners
    -Traditional dishes
    -Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews,...


    -Theatre plays
    -School days:
    -Where they studied
    -Favorite subjects
    -School uniform
    -School bag
    -(Un)pleasant events during school
    -School songs
    -Spare time activities


    -Shops and markets
    -Favorite playground
    -Games during childhood
    -Meetings and dating


    -Special occasions
    -Favorite day of the year
    -House decorations
    -New clothes
    -Daily activities


    -Places to go
    -How the destination was reached
    -Who they used to go with
    -What they used to do there
    -Food on the trip
    -Clothes and objects to take along on trips
    -Souvenirs brought back home
    -Traveling options:



    -Clothing, according to age and occasion
    -Accessories: walking stick, hat, buttons, gloves, bags, socks, ...
    -Hair styling
    -Make-up and perfumes
    -Various cloths types

An evening in town:

    -Location: dancing, theatre, concerts, restaurant, on a visit, walking
    -Specific outfits for every occasion
    -Various show types
    -Describing the location, the park, the room, the building
    -Describing the menu


    -Professional satisfaction
    -First job
    -Description of the job and tasks to fulfill
    -Distance between home and work place


    -First date
    -First kiss
    -How long till marriage
    -Wedding, godfathers, guests, church
    -Relationship with the parents-in-law
    -First residence as a family
    -Favorite song











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