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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

Training in reminiscence stimulations techniques



The aim of the training course in reminiscence stimulation techniques consists of accumulating specific knowledge and developing the ability to run various activities that have as an objective the exploration of remaining capacities of elderly individuals, as well as of their families, all this for an improvement of life quality of the people involved. The goal of the training course also includes rendering useful information to the participants, during the 12 meetings of the trainings, and also course guidelines, practical applications and exercises concerning reminiscence stimulation activities.

At the end of the training period, students should be able to:

    - understand the importance and utility of reminiscence stimulation
    - work individually and also in small groups, by using a variety of methods and approaches of the activities.
    - adapt techniques according to the deficiencies and needs of the individuals that form the group they are working with
    - get aware of the cultural needs of minorities they are working with during reminiscence stimulation techniques

The course includes 12 training sessions, each lasting 2 hours. It is recommended to plan these sessions twice a week, so that the training period should end after 12 weeks. Depending on the participants’ options, there can be organized intensive sessions, which would be organized on daily meetings.

    Each training session should include:
    - an exposé (a detailed statement) – with theoretical information
    - exercises in small groups
    - individual work
    - group discussions with all participants.

Depending on the number of participants, the formal organization of the training can be adapted; there is a strong focus on interactivity and experimental groups or group directed activities and objectives are highly recommended.





Training courses in reminiscence stimulation techniques are recommended for those who attend and take care of patients suffering from memory disorders.A complete training cycle includes 12 theory-based sessions, each lasting 2 hours, where participants are gathered in small groups (10-20 individuals).First two meetings explain what reminiscence is all about and why there is a desire and intention to use reminiscence stimulation technique on elderly people.Next two sessions focus on applying reminiscence stimulation activities to small groups. During the next session participants receive explanations about “one on one” techniques by means of reminiscence activities. Sixth and seventh meetings focus on using reminiscence stimulation on individuals suffering from various types and degrees of dementia. Lesson number eight is about clarifying necessary adaptations when we are dealing with hypo-acoustic patients, or people suffering form sight and speech disorders. During meetings number 9 and 10 participants are guided into the changes required in reminiscence stimulation when dealing with patients that don’t have the same age, but suffer from learning disorders. Lesson number 11 brings up a discussion on how to treat ethnic minorities. Last meeting is about consolidating accumulated information and tracing some landmarks in order to continue improving practical abilities of the participants in reminiscence stimulation techniques.



During the whole training period, participants will be offered course materials like:
- Course guidelines – for each of the 12 meetings
- Slide shows –to complete theoretical presentations and, if requested, to make copies for the participants;

Training equipment – during all 12 training sessions participants will be able to use:

    - video-projector
    - retro-projector
    - flip-chart
    - xerox
    - m
    ulti-sensuous stimuli

•  Bibliography – participants will be given a bibliography list including Romanian and Foreign references concerning reminiscence stimulation techniques;

• The training Reminiscence Center of AGORA Association has a collection of various resources to be used by participants during training sessions in order to improve reminiscence stimulation techniques, resources that will be used especially during training sessions.



To subscribe the reminiscence training, the candidats must:
make a subscribe statement fot this training adressed to Agora Reminiscence Center;
send a CV;
prove the payment for this training.




The tax of a Reminiscence Techiniques Training is 120 Euro per person. In the situation that a more 10 persons group are subscribed, Agora Association make a discount and the tax for a persons is 100 Euro.


At the end of the training the candidats will get a diploma authorized by Agora Association:




Would you like to enter the Reminiscence Techiniques?
Please, fill up the below form of application:














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