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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

Life reviews

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Sitting here and talking about things happened a very long time ago, I remember something that, at that time, represented a tremendous shock for the entire cultural society of Sibiu. I was born and raised in a noble family, my father was an artist. I was educated to love art and beauty. I went to a school for young ladies in Paris. I have always loved (and still do) the theatre, which is an excellent way to create and keep social relationships and, besides, one of the most noble arts. I’m telling you all this about my passion for the theatre in order to understand how deeply affected I was (just like everybody else in the cultural and theatre environments of Sibiu) when the building that housed the theatre was mostly distroyd my a great fire. That evening there was a performance of one of Caragiale’s plays, I adore Caragiale, I think he is one of the leading representatives of Romanian and international dramatic art. So, no matter which of Caragiale’s plays is shown, I want to see it. That day there was the first performance of a play of Caragiale, I cannot remember which one it was – anyway , I had tickets for that evening’s performance, was very eager to see the play, but several things occurred; for example, first I couldn’t decide what outfit to put on. I didn’t seem to feel good with anything I wanted to put on. I talked to the tailor to fit a dress I had finally decided to start wearing. The I went to the hairdresser’s. When all seemed to be just right I started to feel a very strong migraine that managed to ruin my disposition even more; it was as if, in spite of all the efforts to go to the theatre, something just didn’t let me go there.
I gave up going to the theatre that evening and felt totally down and desperate, completely unsatisfied with my life and it seemed so unfair – especially for me, because theatre was a reason for living for me. And it was precisely I who couldn’t go to that first performance. While I was so desperate and down, I heard a strong noise. it was much louder than the dark thoughts that consumed my mind, so it caught my attention. It was probably a police or firefighter’s car I felt I simply had to know what was happening, so I got dressed quickly, without paying any attention for the details, and went out. I lived very close to the theatre.
Then I suddenly saw the smoke coming out from the theatre’s building and the firefighters trying to stop the fire that seemed to destroy the whole building. Then I started to cry. I cried and looked at the fire lightening the night and was extremely sad that , for quite some time, Sibiu would have no theatre.

D-na P.

My first love? The first was also the only one for me, all the others where just flashes, passions. The excitement, the desire to look beautiful and unique, that intense feeling that made everything around seem to burn – these feelings bare no comparison with anything I have ever lived; these are feelings that make one feel complete as a living soul and as a woman, who knows exactly where she want to get and what she wants to do; no offence, but these are love stories, whishes – not petty interests – the person you’ll become still, love remains the force that rises you above all, makes your thoughts dry out and transforms you into pure desire, the desire to burn, to be a light, only for the eyes of the one you think pf as being “the only one”. A pair of blue eyes and a pair of brow eyes, a blond girl with curly, soft hair and a dark haired boy, a smile and a dance that melts them into one being, so sweet, that makes everything around simply disappear. Every touch, every caress stops the thoughts and the kiss becomes infinite….
Today people use to talk about almost anything, they go through all possible experiences, but the true feeling of love is every time more hard to find, people mistake feelings for sensations, and
when you get to the age of the true love feelings you are already disappointed by those too early “love” experiences. Innocence has a beauty of its own, the purity of one’s soul and true love have nothing in common with the interests and pragmatic sides of everyday life and environment. I had the chance to experience such a real love story and tell you about it today. I must confess that it lightened up my whole life, made my soul so much richer…

D-na. S.A.











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