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What reminiscence is?


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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

Reminiscence centers


What reminiscence is and how to run a reminiscence group
Coordonating reminiscence sessions
Confidentiality and planning reminiscence sessions
Evaluating reminiscence sessions
Advantages for beneficiaries
Advantages for take-carers
Examples of themes



Evaluating reminiscence session

Following each reminiscence meeting, the monitor has to fill in the session record, which gathers all relevant information and observations according to the given model. Here are some guidelines about what should be put in such a record:

    - Information about date, duration and participants at a reminiscence session
    - Discussed topics, activities plan, stimulation methods, material and didactic resources used during the session, as well as their efficiency.
    - Comments concerning practical elements that contributed to the success of the meeting (like the arrangement of the chairs in order to allow everybody see and hear properly).
    - Comments on what disturbed the session (noise, lack of cooperation, etc).
    - Information about group dynamics and suggestions towards making everybody become more active within the group
    - Whether the goal of the session has been reached and in what degree
    - Ideas and suggestions on how to improve future reminiscence meetings

This type of record keeping should clearly make the difference between facts and opinions. We recommend jotting down only facts. For example, it is not useful to mention: „X has been in a bad/ depressive mood at today’s session” – as this is a rather personal observation. If the monitor considers observations about X.’s state of mind as being relevant for the session, he may write it down, but not what he personally noticed of felt, unless that person has specifically mentioned being in a bad/ depressive mood that day.

It is highly important that all records and written observations concerning reminiscence sessions should be kept in a place where only staff involved in reminiscence activities should have access.











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