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Asociatia Agora - Primul centru de reminiscente din Romania

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I was born in Cluj. I have a few memories from the Second World War. I was 8 years old back then and went to the Karl Marx secondary school, on Horea street. Next to the school there was a bakerís shop where I used to buy bread; I remember when it was bombed. during the bombing we were hiding in the bunker next to the CFR secondary school.

It was then when half of the railway station was also bombed. There was no trolley-bus, and automobiles appeared in town after 1944. One could only travel by a horse-driven waggon, which could take up tp 30 people.

The wagon went from the Railway Station to Manastur, St. Peterís Church (in Marasti) and then back to the Railway Station. I helped build the Chios Restaurant Terrace and also the artesian fountain in front of Republica Cinema. This picture was taken in the í80, when I worked at Electro-Metal.

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